Facelift Services in Mexico

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We have one of the best programs for international patients who are looking for facelift techniques. We have some of the best cosmetic surgeons in Mexico, who have joined hands with the setups, both in Cancun and Tijuana, Mexico. Along with the most amazing facelift programs and 5 star hotels, we also provide you with your personal bilingual associate who will correspond with you in your native language and also take care of all your needs in Mexico.

Who can achieve the best facelift results?

A facelift can enhance your look and boost up your self-confidence. The best results of a facelift can be seen in people who have a smooth skin and who have a good overall health. Some patients also get good results when they combine, facelift surgery with other treatments, such as a forehead lift or neck lift. Patients who are well aware about the facelift procedures find the results to be more satisfying.

How much will a facelift cost you in Mexico?

Facelift prices are not fixed and depend on the cosmetic surgeon and the location where the procedure is being carried out. The average national cost of a facelift is approximately $4,000, and this price includes preparatory tests and prescriptions. So if you are thinking about a facelift, then talk to your facilitator and your cosmetic surgeon about all the costs in detail.

Things you should know about a facelift

Although a facelift is a successful procedure, there are some risks involved with any type of surgery. So before going for a facelift know all the benefits, along with the potential risks and side-effects of the treatment. While a facelift surgery can make you look younger, stiffen facial muscles, repair drooping skin, and improve the shape of your face, it can also cause visible scarring, nerve damage, bruising, swelling, and pain.

Facelift options in Mexico

There are different types of facelifts such as lower facelift, mid facelift and mini facelift. However, before choosing a specific type of facelift surgery, it is important to consider a few points like the target areas for improvement, the recovery period you can spare after the treatment and your expectations from your post- facelift look.

Lower and Upper Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid treatment can be performed using the conventional cosmetic surgery treatments, on either the lower or upper lid, or on both eyelids. The upper eyelid surgery is usually done to raise the lid by getting rid of excess skin. In lower eyelid surgery, fatty deposits and excess skin are removed so that the bag under the eye disappears. The eyelid surgery gives a smooth and young look to the person.

How to prepare for a facelift surgery?

Going for a pre-surgery consultation can help you prepare well for the facelift treatment. It is important that two weeks prior to the surgery, you stop consuming certain medicines, stop smoking, and start following your doctor’s instructions. Also, preparing well for the recovery period is very essential to the success of a facelift.

Know the facelift procedure

Try to gather as much information as you can about the facelift procedure. Know about the locations of the cuts, anesthesia, and the facial structures that are changed to get a new appearance. While treatment methods will vary depending upon the surgeon and the patient’s needs, facelift surgery has certain common traits that make the surgery a safe procedure.

Facelift results and recovery

Clearly know about the facelift recovery procedures and the time you would take to recover from the surgery. Manage your expectations; clearly know the long term results of the facelift surgery and the treatments that may be necessary to maintain the new look.

Alternatives for facelift

There are many alternatives to a surgical facelift, like micro current facelift, laser facelift, and natural products that tone and tighten the skin. Knowing the limitations and benefits of these alternatives can help you make an informed decision about a surgical facelift. It is always advisable to consult a surgeon to know if a surgical treatment or other alternative methods of facelift can give you the desired look.

Facelift surgery for Men

Facelift surgery is not just restricted to women. Today, more and more men are going for a facelift surgery to get a younger and more confident look. Gather as much information you can about the facelift surgery procedures for men in Mexico.